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Visa Information


The entry requirements for Korea vary based on international agreements and relationships between countries. Therefore, before booking a flight to Korea, it's important to visit the Korean visa portal website and search for the specific entry conditions that apply to you.

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2. K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization)

Nationals of countries/regions eligible for visa-free entry are required to get K-ETA approval to board the flight bound for the Republic of Korea. K-ETA approval should be applied at least 72 hours prior to boarding the flight bound. You can apply for the K-ETA website ( or mobile app (K-ETA). Apply for K-ETA

   Foreign visitors who do not require a visa must obtain a K-ETA permit to board a flight bound for Korea.
  Please apply at least 72 hours before departure by accessing the K-ETA website or mobile app (K-ETA) (as assessment can take "more than 72 hours" depending on the situation).
  K-ETA is valid for two years after issuance, and the number of arrivals is irrelevant. However, if the validity period of the passport is within two years when applying for K-ETA, the K-ETA is valid only until the validity period of the passport.
   (K-ETA is not a visa. The issuance of K-ETA does not guarantee the entry of the Republic of Korea, and the entry availability of Korean immigration officials is finally determined according to the results of the immigration inspection.)

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2. Invitation Letter

The Organizing Committee can provide an invitation letter to assist with your visa application for IEEE NEMS 2023. Please note the following:

   An invitation letter will only be issued upon request after you have completed the registration process. Once you have registered, please email to request a personalized letter of invitation.
   To ensure a smooth visa issuance process, please consult with the Korean Embassy in your local area about the required documents and approval period in advance.
   Please be aware that IEEE NEMS 2023 is only authorized to provide the Invitation Letter and cannot assist with the visa process beyond this. While the invitation letter may be helpful, it does not guarantee a Republic of Korea visa. If your visa application is denied by the Korean authorities, the registration fee cannot be refunded.