Program        Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

1. Energy Harvesting Materials & Devices

Advances in Self-Sustained AIoT Sensing Systems and Applications

Vincent (Chengkuo) Lee
National University of Singapore, Singapore

2. Micro/Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems (M/NEMS)

Addressing unmet clinical needs with 3D printed electronics and ingestible systems

Yong Lin Kong
University of Utah, USA

3. Micro/Nano-Photonics & Optical Devices

Ultrafast Nanoscale 3D Fabrication based on Femtosecond Projection Technology

Shih-Chi Chen
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

4. Micro/Nano- Chemical Sensors

MEMS-type gas sensors using metal oxide semiconductor toward ultra-high-sensitive and super-selective detection

Kengo Shimanoe
Kyushu University

5. Micro/Nano- Physical Sensors

mmWave Acoustic Filtering

Gianluca Piazza
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

6. Micro/Nano-Composite Materials & Structures

Digital twin of composite structures with embedded sensors

Hideaki Murayama
The University of Tokyo

7. Micro/Nano-Fabrication Processes

Next-Generation Neuromorphic Electronics: High-Resolution Printing of Organic Semiconductor Nanowires

Tae-Woo Lee
Seoul National University

8. Micro/Nano-Actuators & Robotics

Micromotors in action: smart microsensors swimming in a concept or a futuristic reality?

Alberto Escarpa
University of Alcalá, Spain

9. Micro/Nano-Electronics

Novel 2-D Material Devices to Promote Moore’s Law

Tian-Ling Ren
Tsinghua University, China

10. Micro/Nano-Mechanics

Dislocation dynamics in materials with atomic and nanoscale complexities

Irene Beyerlein
University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, USA

11. Micro/Nano-Bio Devices & Systems

Flexible Microfluidic Wearable Sensors for Biomedical Applications and Health Metaverse

Chwee Teck Lim
Institute for Health Innovation and Technology Department of Biomedical Engineering National University of Singapore

12. Functional Nanomaterials & Synthesis

Realization of Transfer-Free, High-Quality, Large-Area Graphene and Field-Effect Transistors for Digital Applications

Soon-Gil Yoon
Chungnam National University, Korea

13. Micro/Nano-enabled Wearable Devices

Graphene e-tattoos for unobstructive and ambulatory electrodermal activity (EDA) sensing

Nanshu Lu
University of Texas at Austin, USA